Yet another t-shirt project

Yup, did it again. Every once in a while I start a new t-shirt project. This time I called it 203X; one can do pretty much anything under that label I guess, since it’s just a random number plus x. But is it? Whatever. The new project has some of the old works I did, some new, and I started to tinker on old wood- and coppercuts from medieval times again. I vectorize that stuff, give it some work and edit it so it can be printed on black t-shirts in a cool way. Check out the shop here 203X APPAREL. I don’t think that I will make a lot of money, but I just don’t care, since I do this as a hobby and for fun. I just love those old dark and gross works from the old masters. And some of my self drawn trash is not that bad.

Chaos and confidence

I moved to a new flat recently. It was a bit chaotic the last weeks and quite some things went wrong. But despite the chaos I kept confidence (most of the time) and released some new stuff at my devianArt page. I created some skull drawings and did some design stuff. I too did put some work into personalDNSfilter again. I guess Ingo (the main developer) will release some improved versions the next weeks or months with new translations. Check out personalDNSfilter here.

deviantART reboot

During the last weeks I rebooted my deviantArt page regarding uploads. I had to change the license for the stuff I call my artwork. All the time I released my stuff under the WTF public license 2.0. It is a pretty cool license in my opinion, but it is not compatible to international laws. The WTF public license has one term:


Maybe you can understand why I kind of liked this license. I am going to switch to Creative Commons which is a free culture license. If you have any questions regarding the stuff I uploaded earlier, just write me. As part of the reboot I did muck out my works a little bit.

Have a look what’s been uploaded 

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