Chaos and confidence

I moved to a new flat recently. It was a bit chaotic the last weeks and quite some things went wrong. But despite the chaos I kept confidence (most of the time) and released some new stuff at my devianArt page. I created some skull drawings and did some design stuff. I too did put some work into personalDNSfilter again. I guess Ingo (the main developer) will release some improved versions the next weeks or months with new translations. Check out personalDNSfilter here.

New artworks

I made some paintings recently, since I had some old canvases at my mothers house. Let’s say I wanted to do some experimental acryl color pouring and some splashing and splattering around. In September 2018 there is a tiny art market at the bar where I pay a visit sometimes, and I will exhibit my stuff there and hopefully sell some. After doing some paintings I took photographs of them, and uploaded those photos and other stuff based on them to deviantArt. The pictures of the paintings can be used as stock images, as they are released under a creative commons license. If you want to use them for commercial projects, just write me.

deviantArt folder

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Website cleanup and discontinued projects

Some days ago I gave some projects the status discontinued; e.g. personal DNS filter Ryder Build and MIA ex icon pack will no longer get updates. I uploaded the sources for those projects to GitHub. I also gave the “WORKS, PROJECTS & COLLABORATIONS” page a makeover for better overview. If you want the newest updates regarding personal DNS filter check out the official perosnal DNS filter website and Ingo Zenz’ GitHub page.

personalDNSfilter RyderBuild released

I forked personalDNSfilter by Ingo Zenz and compiled my own version of the tiny ad-blocking app that works without root on Android 5.0 and up. I was never good at really coding stuff, but I will do my best to keep the app updated. The changes made to the original app are not very big, but they are good in my opinion.

Check out the project

deviantART reboot

During the last weeks I rebooted my deviantArt page regarding uploads. I had to change the license for the stuff I call my artwork. All the time I released my stuff under the WTF public license 2.0. It is a pretty cool license in my opinion, but it is not compatible to international laws. The WTF public license has one term:


Maybe you can understand why I kind of liked this license. I am going to switch to Creative Commons which is a free culture license. If you have any questions regarding the stuff I uploaded earlier, just write me. As part of the reboot I did muck out my works a little bit.

Have a look what’s been uploaded 

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