Device: Pixel 2 XL (taimen)
ROM: Android Builders Collective based on Android 10 / AOSP
Build details: user / signed / small Google apps package included
Features: Github list [link]
Kernel sources: ABC kernel [link]
Status: stable
Credits: ABC developers / ezio84 (build script, cooking, etc.)
Builder: t-ryder (ryder203)
Translation credits: brenosnt, gaich, Kanddy, novas78, noc-jfcbs, t-ryder
Current release: 20200216
Security patch: February 2020

Warning: You flash your device on your own risk.
I am not responsible for bricked devices, missed alarms or your monkey dancing samba!

Installation and update instructions


There may be more builders than me providing ABC ROMs for taimen. My builds have the detail signed_203 in the ZIP filename.

ABC ROM 20200216
Size: 900 MB
MD5: 1DDF7B3726A23588AF7626BDD2E7606F

February 2020 bootloader/radio/vendor images (unzip and flash images in fastboot mode)
Size: 201 MB
MD5: 7F2A44E61462F46F8514D050AA472932

ABC promotional artwork (raster + vector) (not for flashing or installation)
Size: 2.18 MB
Created by: t-ryder